Heather Reichel's Off Color Gallery

About Me

I have a condition called as Daltonism, better known in society as color blindness.
There are several different types of color blindness and I fall within the .01% of the female population with a type called protanopia, which is not only a red/green but also a blue/green deficiency. Now I should clarify that there are shades of each that I am able to detect, although probably not to the same degree as someone who is not color challenged at all. I can identify bright hues of many colors including those within the red, green and blue range. However, light colors, dull colors or dark colors are basically the same for me.

This has always been a disability when it came to activities such as matching socks, picking out clothes, and describing things to others. For example "the black car" when it was actually dark green. It has caused much confusion over the years, and a great deal of frustration.

Through photography, I have since learned that it is in fact a gift. The gift of seeing the world primarily in shades, textures and patterns that would typically go unnoticed. When I decided to concentrate on photography as more than a hobby, I quickly learned that people were drawn to the images that I created in black and white, as well as the images that I used post processing to achieve the same view in the final image that I saw when I made the photo.
It was the world that I see every day that I try to bring into my images. High contrast, stark patterns, and many different shades are how my mind has adjusted to the lack of color wavelengths that my eyes are able to perceive. 

What began as an idea for a book, has evolved into a gallery. In this space, I  have chosen to use natural elements to create a surreal environment. A small part of the world where none of the structural features are the "correct" color, please take this journey with me, as I take you into my world... A world I have called OFF COLOR...
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